VOCO expands its V-Posil Putty Fast line

V-Posil Putty Fast is now available in a 380 ml cartridge.

V-Posil is the VPS impression material said to have ideal timing and maximum precision from the VOCO product line which now includes the putty material in a large, 380ml cartridge.

V-Posil Putty Fast is used as a tray material for the following techniques:                    

  • Putty and wash technique (two-step)

  • Sandwich technique (single-step)

  • Putty and wash technique using a spacer (foil)

  • As an impression material for functional margin shaping

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With an intraoral setting time of 2.5 minutes, V-Posil Putty Fast from the cartridge is also considered a fast-setting material-saving time and improving patient comfort. The material has a Shore A hardness of 63, recommended for the putty and wash technique in particular. The material also has 99.5 percent elastic recovery from deformation, providing precise pouring results and thus, perfectly-fitting restorations.

For more information visit www.vocoamerica.com