VOCO Announces the VOCO Caps Warmer for Preheating Restorative Materials

This new preheating device is designed for use with composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative unit dose capsules.

Designed for preheating unit dose capsules of the company's composite and nano-ORMOCER restorative materials, the VOCO Caps Warmer offers a total of 7 warming bays.

The warmer helps make the restorative materials easier to extrude and manipulate, allowing them to better flow and adapt to the geometries of the prep. The VOCO Caps Warmer can warm a cap loaded in the VOCO Caps dispenser along with 4 additional caps and two instruments. The warmed instruments help produce more precisely sculpted restorations.

Three temperature settings are available to produce different viscosities with different materials. Warming the restorative materials does not modify their physical properties beyond the temporary change in viscosity and sculptability.

The VOCO Caps Warmer reaches the desired temperature in approximately 15 to 20 minutes and takes approximately 3 minutes to warm a capsule once at temperature. The system is designed for continuous operation and automatically shuts down after 10 hours of continuous heating.