VOCO America Releases Its Second Thermo-Viscous Composite

VisCalor described as an efficient, esthetic, 2-in-1 restorative that eliminates the need for a separate flowable, to optimize workflow and improve efficiency of the restorative procedure.

Following in the footsteps of VisCalor bulk, VOCO America has released its second thermo-viscous composite in VisCalor. This universal esthetic composite is formulated to bring the same innovative 2-in-1 technology with more shade options and indications while keeping it as simple as “warm it, flow it, sculpt it”.

Once warmed, VisCalor delivers the viscosity of a flowable, then rapidly cools to body temperature once placed—which allows for the immediate sculptability of a packable. A controlled, softer consistency enables superior sculptability for the clinician to showcase their artistic abilities, re-creating nature using the instrument or brush technique.

VisCalor is indicated for all classes and features a high filler rate of 83% to ensure high strength, low shrinkage of only 1.4% and a low wear rate, making it a very durable restoration. VisCalor saves time by eliminating procedural steps and the need for additional materials used as a restorative base, liner or occlusal capping layer, effectively making VisCalor two restoratives in one, according to the manufacturer.

Its unique formulation is based on an entirely new monomer system and the special silane coating of its glass fillers. This combined modification results in a unique material that allows the viscosity to drop to that of a flowable.

VisCalor’s Easy-Access-Capsule has a long and narrow tip that provides greater access to difficult-to-reach areas, allowing a bubble-free application and minimizing the potential for incipient decay and long-term failures. VOCO’s tried and true nano-hybrid technology ensures optimal esthetics in 11 shades. It is easy to polish to a high gloss shine and has a prolonged shade stability.