Vivos Therapeutics, Nexus Dental Systems Announce New Revenue Stream Through Medical Billing

This partnership is expected to provide both companies’ provider networks with greater access to all major medical insurance companies.

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc announced a new collaboration with Nexus Dental Systems which effectively combines Vivos’ proprietary out-of-network Billing Intelligence Service with Nexus’ in-network medical billing platform. This is expected to create one of the most comprehensive medical billing services in the dental industry, according to a press release from Vivos.

This partnership is expected to provide both companies’ provider networks with greater access to both in- or out-of-network billing with all major medical insurance companies, facilitating case acceptances, insurance billing procedures, and reimbursement.

“For a long time, medical billing has been a barrier to wide acceptance of dental offices treating breathing and sleep disorders, which is why we have historically offered fee-based out-of-network claims assistance to Vivos providers and their patients,” said Kirk Huntsman, Vivos chairman and CEO. “Our Billing IntelligenceService currently achieves a 98% success rate for reimbursement on out-of-network oral appliance claims, which is extremely high. This new relationship will now give Vivos-trained dentists immediate access to some of the highest in-network reimbursement rates in the industry, allowing higher case acceptance for Vivos-trained providers. We believe this will create immediate additional revenue opportunities, not only for Vivos but for providers within each network, while patients pay less out-of-pocket expenses.”

“We are excited to partner with Vivos on this initiative which leverages the strengths of each organization’s medical billing platform by providing access to in-network insurance coverage for our providers and their patients,” said Brett Brocki, founder of Nexus Dental Systems. “This relationship will allow Nexus additional opportunities to significantly grow our revenue by partnering with such an established, highly successful medical billing platform. We also look forward to sharing The Vivos Method with the over 2,000 dentists in our network.”