Vivos Therapeutics Announces VivoScore Home Sleep Apnea Test

The new solution is based around a ring recorder that is used to evaluate sleep quality and clinically diagnose sleep apnea.

Vivos Therapeutics recently announced the launch of its new VivoScore comprehensive home sleep apnea test.

The VivoScore is powered by SleepImage, a proprietary coupling technology developed by MyCardio LLC. The device is contained in a ring that features a single sensor and connects to a mobile application to send data to unique cloud-based algorithms for evaluating and clinically diagnosing sleep apnea.

The VivoScore test results have reportedly been shown to be comparable with the results of an overnight, in-lab polysomnogram. The technology powering the device is FDA cleared for diagnosing sleep apnea and evaluating sleep disorders in both adults and children. The ring is said to be comfortable for patients to wear overnight, and the system works without any consumables required, which can lower the costs of diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.