Vivos Therapeutics and Candid Announce Partnership

This partnership will combine Candid’s orthodontic therapies with Vivos Therapeutics’s obstructive sleep apnea therapies.

Vivos Therapeutics has announced a strategic partnership with Candid to offer patients a robust solution to diagnose and treat adult patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) while also providing orthodontic solutions from the same network. Vivos and Candid plan to market each other’s expertise in oral health to provide a dual-solution experience for patients, according to a press release from Vivos.

By offering both the CandidPro clear aligner and the Vivos System, Candid and Vivos hope to deliver a comprehensive sleep and oral health solution. Vivos Chairman and CEO Kirk Huntsman said that this partnership was done with better patient outcomes in mind.

“By teaming with Candid, we are aiming to provide patients with access not only to our highly effective Vivos System, but also simultaneous access to CandidPro’s novel orthodontic treatment. We believe the Vivos-Candid collaboration will provide for the first solution that seamlessly integrates sleep and orthodontic therapy to create better patient outcomes for treating OSA and enhance overall health and wellness across the board,” Huntsman said in the press release. “We are hopeful that this joint effort will increase market penetration and accelerate revenue growth for both companies as we each attract and expand our respective North American dental and healthcare networks.”

Vivos and Candid will also commit resources to research and development opportunities for device development in OSA. Candid will offer training sessions at the Vivos Institute and seminars for dental and medical professionals. CandidPro will become the official clear aligner of Vivos while Vivos’ oral devices will become the official sleep therapy program of Candid.