VITA North America introduces SMART.FIRE for chairside restorations

This efficient and compact firing unit is designed to meet the needs of chairside milling dentists.

To meet the special needs of chairside milling dentists, VITA has introduced the VITA SMART.FIRE, which is said to be a fast, efficient and compact firing unit for chairside restorations, including the crystallization, glaze, stain and corrective firing of all common chairside materials.

Featuring an intuitive user interface, materials may be selected in one simple step. In addition, customizable material-specific programs are already pre-installed for simple firing. The VITA SMART.FIRE system reportedly includes a durable firing unit for robust firing technology and reliable function, an intuitive touch control unit with a high-resolution, 10-inch display, and an integrated service drawer for easy access to important accessories, such as firing trays and platinum pins. The fully automatic temperature calibration is engineered to produce reliable results, and a software-based assistance function is also available for supported, step-by-step firing.

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With the VITA SMART.FIRE, CAD/CAM restorations can reporteldy be completed chairside, even for monolithic, ceramic restorations. The convenient, compact size means VITA SMART.FIRE can also be set up quickly and simply, and it is mobile for use in any treatment room.

For more information on VITA SMART.FIRE, visit or call 800-828-3839.