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VITA North America announces new ENAMIC block for implants


VITA North America has launched the ENAMIC IS block, specifically intended for dental implant work.

VITA North America has announced the launch of the VITA ENAMIC Implant Solutions (IS) block, engineered with clinically proven force absorption for more successful implant treatment.

“Research shows that occlusal overloading plays a critical role in affecting the dental implant healing phase and long-term survival and success of dental implants,” says Matt O’Connell, president of VITA North America. “Today, about one in five implant cases are not considered a success because they experience issues such as mastication force levels that overload the biomechanical interface. VITA ENAMIC IS represents the next evolution in our gold standard CAD/CAM portfolio, helping clinicians employ a force management approach for better treatment outcomes.”  

Studies reportedly demonstrate that VITA ENAMIC crowns absorb 71 percent more mastication forces than zirconia restorations, as well as absorb higher force levels than either glass ceramic or gold alloy. Clinical studies also showed an increase in survival rate of 98.7 percent as a result of these force-absorption characteristics.

With no furnace required post processing, VITA ENAMIC IS also decreases chairtime by up to 50 percent for greater practice profitability.

VITA ENAMIC demonstrates a dominant ceramic structure infused with polymer to deliver the same material properties of natural dentition. In fact, ENAMIC features a modulus of elasticity and enamel-like abrasion behavior that is virtually identical to that of a natural tooth.

 “As a clinician, I want to give the most natural restorations to my patients,” notes Dr. Daniel Vasquez in Oceanside, Calif. “VITA ENAMIC IS has all the characteristics of natural dentition, as well as force absorption, which helps ensure more successful implant treatment. This helps make my practice truly unique.”

VITA implant solutions are compatible with multiple implant system manufacturers including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, Zimmer and more. CAD/CAM blocks are available in 14 mm and 16 mm sizes, as well as S and L interfaces. The 14 mm block is offered in translucency and is ideal for abutment crowns, while the 16 mm block is available in high translucency for screw-retained restorations. Both sizes come in 3D-Master shades 1M1, 1M2, 2M2, 3M2 and 4M2.

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This material can be processed using the Sirona CEREC with software version 4.4 and inLab systems with software 15.0. Precise milling ensures a seamless, smooth transition where the margin meets the TiBase, providing excellent biocompatibility and reducing the likelihood of chipping and tissue irritation for more accurate outcomes than what’s possible with conventional dental ceramics or composite material.

For more information about VITA ENAMIC IS, visit vitanorthamerica.com/ENAMICIS call 800-828-3839.

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