Vista Apex Acquires Palisades Dental LLC

This acquisition of Palisades Dental LLC will add the Impact Air 45 high-speed handpiece to Vista Apex’s product line.

Vista Apex announced its acquisition of Palisades Dental LLC. Palisades Dental is the manufacturer of the Impact Air 45® high-speed handpiece. This handpiece was designed with teeth removal in mind and is said to be a leader in handpieces, according to a press release from Vista Apex.

With a special focus on endodontic and restorative dentistry, Vista Apex acquired Palisades Dental in order to add this market-leading technology to its product line. Vista Apex CEO Scott Lamerand said that their company’s mission values aligned with Vista Apex’s.

“Palisades brings an exciting new category to the Vista Apex product line,” Lamerand said in the press release. “Palisades’ dedication to quality and precision is illustrated in every facet of the business.”

With over 40 years of use, the Impact 45 high-speed handpiece will now be a part of Vista Apex’s product line. CDO at Vista Apex, Dr Michael Miyasaki, said that Palisade’s unique place in the industry makes it a perfect fit for the company.

“Having long admired the Impact Air 45 as a clinician, and the recognition it has in our profession, I’m excited to see it being added to the Vista Apex offerings. The Impact Air 45 has stood the test of time, which today we rarely see in a dental product,” Dr Miyasaki said in the press release. “We are committed to the notion that what built this reputation will not change in the hands of Vista Apex”