VIDEO: What dental professionals should know about marijuana usage and oral health

With marijuana usage now legalized in two states (Colorado and Washington) and several other states considering its legalization, it’s a good time for dental professionals to think about the role that marijuana has on oral health.


Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, recently sat down with me to talk about the effects of marijuana on the oral cavity, as well as how dental professionals and practices should be talking to their patients about those effects.


Turchetta believes that there are five things to watch out for in the marijuana user’s mouth…




Increased periodontal disease

Increased dental caries


With this in mind, should the subject of marijuana usage be added to the dental practice’s health history form? Turchetta believes so, saying it’s important that the dental practice is asking the right questions in order to provide optimal care to their patients.


Watch more of Turchetta’s thoughts in our video interview below…