Video Test Drive: Jarvis Analytics


Chief Dental Editor and Technology Editor John Flucke, DDS shares the experiences he had while testing Jarvis Analytics' new data solution for solo dental practices.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. John Flucke. I'm technology Editor and Chief Dental Editor here at Dental Products Report® Magazine. Today, I want to talk to you about something that's not clinical, but it's about something that will make your clinic better. And it's a business program, an analytics program that helps you become a better business person. And it's called Jarvis Analytics and it's available from Henry Schein.

We generate tremendous amounts of information in numbers every day in our practices. Most of us in dentistry have a little bit of business knowledge, but not a bunch. And so we're kind of lost, we don't know, what do I measure? How do I measure it? How often should I look at it? The thing about Jarvis Analytics is this is a system that was developed by people that understand business and understand the numbers. So what they are giving you in this program are the numbers for your practice, broken down into actionable elements that you can then use to make good business decisions.

And basically, it breaks it down into large categories. And then under that there are subcategories that can give you the numbers you need. At the top level view is your calendar, your dashboard that gives you an overall snapshot, the end of day form, the Front Office, the Morning Huddle system, the Patient Portal system, Practice Potential, and Treatment Miner. And each of those pieces takes the numbers that applies to them, and then runs those numbers and gives you all kinds of information. Now, the great thing about this is, it's easy to use, if you're using a server based system in your office, and I am, what you do is you install a little program on the server that basically connects Jarvis to your database. Jarvis goes in and harvests all of this information on around every hour basis, and then makes it available to you in the cloud. So that you've got access to these numbers, not only in the office, but you've got access to your numbers anywhere basically, that you have a web browser, so you can you can use this at home. You can tie multiple offices together with this, you can take a look at things on your iPad if you want to.

I am a huge believer in the morning huddle and being able to open the morning huddle section of Jarvis and put that up on the screen and show your entire team. This is these are the areas where we're succeeding. These are the areas where we're lacking. These are, you know, the production by provider. These are where we can, you know, make some changes and increase revenues. That kind of thing. The business tools that allow you to operate your business better, are available to you via a few mouse clicks. Jarvis has provided me with tons of information that I didn't even know I had, and I am so glad that I've got access to it now. So definitely take a look at Jarvis. I think it will make the kind of changes for your practice that it's made for mine.

I'm Dr. John Flucke. Thank you for watching.

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