Videos - The Biggest Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Using a personalized video to represent your office on social media can set you apart from the competition in your area. Patients will be well-acquainted with your office environment before they even step through the door.

In today's mobile marketing world, chances are a potential patient will research their new dental provider on a smartphone first when considering their dental options. Of all the mobile apps, a review site, such as Yelp, may be their first choice. Here they will start to learn about the dentist, the dental office, and the services that are provided at that location.

Before the patient has the chance to scroll down through endless Yelp reviews or jump from provider to provider, dentists can start the relationship off with a warm welcome by introducing them to the practice, the team, and their offered services with an office tour video posted at the top of the Yelp review site.

Videos are powerful. They make an emotional connection and allow new patients to imagine what their experience in the office will be like before they meet their dentist or step foot into the office. Videos are evergreen and can be posted on multiple internet sites including the practice’s dedicated website, Yelp and other review sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Instagram, provided the video is short.

Professional videographers are easy to find in the local community. Finding one whose work is modern and professional will likely bring in new clients. Patients can also be included in the digital marketing fun with added testimonials. And "Lights, Camera, Action" — setting up a special video recording day with the videographer will yield a well-produced marketing device the public will enjoy seeing.

Once the video is made, it allows you to tell your office story directly to the public continuously, and at a relatively low cost. Videos are word of mouth on steroids. Give a tour, tell the truth, make a video, change the world.

So put some BANG! into the conversion rate by adding video to Yelp and digital media sites.

VIDEO courtesy of Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is author of the book "It All Starts with Marketing." She is an orthodontist in Antioch, California

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