VIDEO: How to create "raving fans" in your dental practice

In this video, Cathy Jameson, the founder and chief executive officer of Jameson Management, stresses the importance of excellent customer service and what it takes to build “raving fans” of the dental practice.

What are “raving fans” within the dental practice? Jameson says a “raving fan” has six characteristics…

1. Someone who chooses you as their dental home

2. Someone who accepts your treatment recommendations

3. Someone who schedules appointments … and keeps them

4. Someone who pays for treatment willingly

5. Someone who stays actively involved with your dental practice’s hygiene department

6. Someone who refers others to you


What does it take to create these raving fans? A little bit more, according to Jameson. “It’s the ‘little bit more’ that people will remember,” she said.

Click below to watch the entirety of Jameson’s thoughts on “raving fans” and customer service.