VideaHealth Artificial Intelligence Caries Assist Receives Regulatory License from Health Canada

VideaHealth Videa Caries Assist algorithm now has clearance and licensing in both the United States and Canada to help detect caries early.

Dental artificial intelligence (AI) provider VideaHealth has announced that its dental caries detection algorithm has received a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada. This solution called Videa Caries Assist, is designed to use AI to detect caries and boost accuracy for treatment recommendations, according to a press release from VideaHealth.

This MDEL comes after VideaHealth’s FDA 501(k) clearance in the United States after a trial was able to successfully demonstrate that Videa Caries Assist improved diagnostic accuracy. Videa Caries Assist uses what is called “Videa Factory” which is a collection of over 100 million data points that are designed to eliminate potential AI bias in dentistry.

“We are excited to partner with dentists and industry-leading DSOs within Canada’s innovative dental market as we work together to bring the power of AI to all,” CEO of VideaHealth, Florian Hillen said in the press release. “VideaHealth’s core mission is to expand clinical access to our sophisticated AI so we can provide more effective preventative care for millions of people.”

Videa Caries Assist is also designed to help dentists of all experience levels become better familiar with caries detection and prevention. The study also demonstrated that it reduced the level of identification of false regions as well.