Vatech introduces the PaX-i Insight

The digital panoramic radiographic system has the unique ability to capture depth-added panoramic radiographs.

Vatech America, Inc. announced the launch of the PaX-i Insight, the newest digital panoramic radiographic system that reportedly pushes the limits of 2D digital imaging. The PaX-i Insight, built with Vatech’s latest CMOS technology, is said to deliver the unique ability to capture depth-added panoramic radiographs, offering never-before-seen depth and clarity to 2D digital panoramic images.

Providing doctors with a staggering 41-layer digital panoramic radiograph, the new PaX-i Insight is designed especially for endodontists and pediatric dentists as well as general practitioners. The system provides an optional, next-generation cephalometric arm that is capable of capturing a lateral cephalometric radiograph in 1.9 seconds.

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With these shortened cephalometric acquisition times, doctors will find not only an improved image quality but also fewer motion artifacts in their cephalometric images. Also, the PaX-i Insight reportedly offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge 2D imaging solution that also raises the level of diagnostic value of panoramic images to new heights.

Vatech’s PaX-i Insight is available through various dealers across the United States. For more information, visit