Vakker Dental introduces EASY REMOVER Automatic Crown & Bridge system

Vakker Dental has introduced its new EASY REMOVER system for crown and bridges.

Vakker Dental, Inc. has launched the EASY REMOVER® Automatic Crown & Bridge Remover, which is designed to reduce stress and discomfort for patients during the procedure.

The EASY REMOVER allows clinicians to perform successful crown and bridge removals delicately. It features a non-reloading mechanism that is said to fit onto all brands of electric and air motors. The EASY REMOVER’s high-frequency micro-strokes reportedly make it the fastest system in the world with up to 20 movements per second.

The intensity and frequency of the micro-strokes can be controlled to provide comfort and results and there are 5 intensity settings for improved grip and comfort.

The kit comes with a variety of inserts to suit all prosthesis configurations. It includes 1 handle, 4 tips, 3 wire tips, and a set of 3 additional replacement wires.

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