Utilizing social media to capture the millennial audience

As millennials are becoming more important to our practices, it is vital to understand how and where we can get their attention.

As millennials are becoming more important to our practices, it is vital to understand how and where we can get their attention.

The answer? The Internet. Consequently, it’s more important now than ever to increase your dental practice’s presence online as that is where you are going to find the next generation of patients.

Practice marketing software like RevenueWell focuses on this goal and offers a solution for dental practices. That solution is to increase your presence on social media.

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Social media mania

Social media is everywhere. I’m not even sure I could name 10 people who don’t have a Facebook profile. Often times, people search a company’s social media pages before their websites to find reviews and see what type of content they are posting. This is exactly why increasing your dental practice’s presence on social media is vital.

Although using social media may seem time-consuming and intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Practice marketing software allows dental practices to schedule posts all through one software system: the software you already use on a daily basis.

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Content is king

I am the first to admit that creating content can be hard and takes some time. That’s why I love the library of social media posts housed in RevenueWell, which contains hundreds of different prewrittenposts and strategies for your practice. Instead of taking two hours a week to come up with social content, the work is done for you. All that’s left to do is the scheduling.

Another benefit is the option to subscribe to professionally curated content streams that preschedule and automatically post updates to your dental practice’s social platforms. Dental staff are able to preview the posts ahead of time to ensure they represent your practice in the most accurate light, but, again, the work is done for you.

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Interact with your patients

It is important to remember engagement is key. If your social media followers comment on your practice’s content, respond back to show them you are there and are listening. As I am sure many of you have seen, social media platforms have become a great channel for patients or customers to provide feedback on products and services. Use this to your advantage. Take their feedback into consideration and share any updates your practice has made due to a comment they left.

Yes, social media is very important; however, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing, which is why RevenueWell has made it possible to automatically share positive reviews. RevenueWell collects all patient feedback and then automatically posts to your social media platforms. Your dental practice’s positive word-of-mouth advertising is now being utilized to its full potential.

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Now you can see that creating and maintaining social media channels doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Practice marketing software makes keeping up with your social media profiles an easy and quick part of your day so you can get back to your patients and advertise your practice at the same time.

Jana Berghoff, RDH, FAADOM, has managed a diverse selection of dental offices including general/family, dental X-ray facilities, TMJ/facial pain clinics and cosmetic. Seeing the need for experienced clinical staff in computer training, She became a trainer for Patterson Dental. After training close to 500 dental offices, she is now the technology marketing manager with Patterson Dental.

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