Using the NOMAD Pro 2 for efficient chairside X-rays


How dental teams and patients are benefitting from this portable handheld X-ray system.

Dr. Christina Carter and the team at her New Jersey-based pediatric practice do everything they can to keep their patients comfortable. They treat children and special-needs patients, making it even more important to invest in products that are easily used while improving the overall patient experience.

One of those products is the NOMAD Pro 2TM. This portable, handheld X-ray system enables team members to remain chairside with patients as they take X-rays. This improves the quality of the images they receive while also making the patients more comfortable with the process.

Comfort is the practice’s focus, which is why they also have a certified therapy dog. Callie, a toy poodle, comes in two days a week to help calm any nerves patients may have. Like the NOMAD Pro 2, the dog makes the practice stand out and shows patients that Dr. Carter and her team truly care about enhancing the patient experience.

Here’s what Dr. Carter has to say about the NOMAD Pro 2  

I’ve been using the NOMAD Pro 2 for about a year and a half. It’s been revolutionary for patient comfort. Some of my older patients have noticed how much easier, quicker and more comfortable it is to take X-rays with the NOMAD. I’m also easily able to take bitewings on 3 year olds. By showing the NOMAD to them, taking X-rays doesn’t look as scary to them.

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The NOMAD is great because we can stay chairside while we take the X-rays. I also like how easily it can be moved from room to room. If you have a wall-mounted unit you can’t move it. The NOMAD helps increase patient flow and efficiency. You can buy one unit for the office as opposed to having to buy a unit for every operatory.

Because I treat special needs patients, taking images with the NOMAD is easy and a non-issue. With “tell, show, do,” I can easily demonstrate the process. I let them hit the button to simulate the experience, so they see and feel exactly what it is.

The NOMAD makes our job easier day by day, patient by patient. I even purchased a panoramic cephalometric machine to take extraoral bitewings for patients who can’t tolerate traditional X-rays. I haven’t had to use it because of the NOMAD. It’s also really great for sensitive patients who have trouble with gagging.

The image quality we get is fantastic. In fact, when I send the images to other offices they often comment on how clear the images are.

My patients all rave about the NOMAD. They love that I can take the X-rays so quickly and easily and the radiation dosage is at a safe level.

What hygienist Lori Morris says about the NOMAD Pro 2

Before the NOMAD, we had to run out of the room to take the X-ray, which meant we didn’t know what was happening in the room. Now I can see if the patient is moving the sensor or decides to open his or her mouth during the X-ray. We don’t get blurry images anymore because I can stay chairside.

I explain the radiation dose is at a safe level, and parents love hearing that. I’ve found even the most hesitant parents are more amenable to it. Once they see that I’m in the room with their child without a lead apron, it puts them more at ease.

What dental assistant Ginny Erianne says about the NOMAD Pro 2

We rarely need to do retakes anymore, and I can use the larger sensor with younger children early on. We’re able to be more efficient because taking X-rays is now a non-issue with patients. Parents don’t have to go through explaining what we’re doing and then coaxing the child to let us do it.

We actually treat children who have fears of taking X-rays because of experiences they’ve had at other practices. When we do X-rays here, they leave with a smile on their face. It’s a much better experience and they’re not scared anymore.

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