Using the digit Power Dispenser in your practice

This VPS impression material delivery system delivers precision and control at clinicians’ fingertips.

The digit Power® Dispenser is said to be a powerful and radically new way to deliver low viscosity materials. It’s a battery-powered precision delivery system for Aquasil Ultra+ material’s low viscosity products, available in digit Power cartridges.

Problem-solver: Developed with input from clinicians around the world, the digit Power Dispenser is said to tackle the key challenges present during the final impression taking procedure: access, visibility, precision, control, predictability, material waste and compliance.

Efficient: Unlike current low viscosity impression delivery systems that are built around the material and not the procedure or clinician, the digit Power Dispenser was engineered to deliver a unique pen grip design with power delivery to get clinicians up to 63 percent closer to the prepared tooth at up to 42 percent less weight and 84 percent less force requirements than traditional 50mL dispensers. It also shortens the distance between the hand and the tooth prep to just three inches. The closer proximity is designed to allow clinicians to gain more control and precision.

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Easy to use: From preset, built-in timers to available accessories, like a wireless foot control, clinicians have a lot of options to discover with the digit Power Dispenser and Aquasil Ultra+ material. Single-use cartridges simplify the procedure from material loading to waste disposal, and two convenient speeds put control at clinicians’ fingertips.

Impressive ergonomics: Current dispensing options are often heavy and can cause physical strain. With power delivery and a unique pen grip design, the digit Power Dispenser allows clinicians to assume a more ergonomic position and focus on precise delivery of the wash material.