How updated software helps practices manage workflow

New updates to several CareStream Dental software options promise to help keep practices organized.

Carestream Dental is built on a legacy of software innovation that continues to evolve to this day. From streamlined practice management software to time-saving modeling software, new updates and releases for CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent and CS Model+ keep dental professionals organized and efficient so they can better serve patients.

The latest updates to CS PracticeWorks v8.1 give users greater visibility and access to important patient information. The appointment book now stretches across all computer screens -regardless of size - for easier viewing, and appointments can be dragged and dropped into new time slots.

CS SoftDent v17 promotes practice productivity and overall clinical success by putting the patient's clinical information in one easily accessible location. For example, with the new clinical overview tab, patients’ clinical touch points are all in one place. Parallel workflows now allow more than one user to work in the patient record, while enhanced patient communication options enable practices to identify and manage patients who need to return for treatment. Plus, the interface has been updated with a modern, bright look and feel.

Both software applications seamlessly integrate with Carestream Dental imaging systems so patient images are accessible from within the chart - without multiple clicks.

User-centered design - involving end users in the development process - played a significant role in many of these software enhancements.

“Too often, companies prioritize software updates that aren’t necessarily priorities for practices,” Ed Shellard, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, says. “To eliminate this problem, Carestream Dental went directly to users to understand what their most pressing needs were. Based on their feedback, we were able to deliver updates that were truly wanted in the dental community.”

Carestream Dental is also announcing innovative modeling software for clinicians offering orthodontic treatment. CS Model+ software automatically segments, setups, analyzes and presents digital models within minutes. After the models are analyzed, the software compiles the results into robust customizable reports. CS Model+ is not only a time-saving tool, but a helpful patient communication tool, and can create simulated time-lapses that display treatment goals. The software can be used to analyze digital models acquired from the CS 9300, CS 8100 3D or CS 8100SC 3D imaging systems or the CS 3600 intraoral scanner.

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