University of Birmingham Enterprise Introduces the Birmingham Dental and Biomaterials Testing Service


New endeavor designed to elevate material quality assurance in dental and biomaterial manufacturing.

Biomaterials experts Dr Mohammed Hadis, Professor Josette Camilleri and Professor Will Palin, at the University of Birmingham's School of Dentistry. | Credit: © University of Birmingham

Biomaterials experts Dr Mohammed Hadis, Professor Josette Camilleri and Professor Will Palin, at the University of Birmingham's School of Dentistry. | Credit: © University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham Enterprise has unveiled the inauguration of the Birmingham Dental and Biomaterials Testing Service, commonly referred to as BiMaTs. This pioneering initiative aims to deliver comprehensive materials testing services and consultancy support tailored to the exacting needs of dental and biomaterial manufacturers.

BiMaTs is a collaborative endeavor led by internationally acclaimed academic luminaries, Professor Josette Camilleri and Professor Will Palin. At the heart of BiMaTs lies its consultancy arm, offering an extensive array of services encompassing the assessment of mechanical and physical properties of materials and the evaluation of biological properties at material-tissue interfaces. These services include the development of customized protocols designed to cater to the unique requirements of each client.

Distinguished for its innovative approach, BiMaTs has been established as an Operating Division, streamlining access to cutting-edge services infused with Birmingham's academic expertise for industry stakeholders.

Expertise of the Founders

Camilleri, a prominent figure in the fields of Endodontics and Applied Materials at the University of Birmingham, holds international acclaim as a clinical researcher and materials scientist. She is an esteemed expert affiliated with the British Standards Institution and the International Standards Organization. Professor Camilleri is renowned for her pioneering work in endodontic materials and currently serves as the Chief Specialty Editor for Dental Materials in Frontiers in Dental Medicine. She is also a senior editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature) and has been elected Vice-president Elect of the Dental Materials Group of the International Society of Oral and Dental Research, set to assume the presidency in 2025.

Co-founder Palin, Chair in Biomedical Materials Science and Director of Research at Birmingham's School of Dentistry, is dedicated to advancing novel biomaterials, medical devices, and technologies for bone, tooth, and injury repair. He is notably recognized for his significant contributions to dental polymer materials and related medical device development, as well as photobiomodulation—a pioneering technique utilizing light to facilitate tissue healing. Palin presently serves as the Editor of the European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, in addition to his role as Subject Editor for Biomedical Adhesion for the International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives.

World-class Testing Services

BiMaTs boasts access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and an extensive inventory of cutting-edge equipment within the university. The service portfolio offered by BiMaTs includes a diverse range of tests that closely emulate the real-world applications of biomaterials in clinical scenarios. These encompass material characterization, radiometry, thermography, evaluation of endodontic sealer properties, microbiology, cell biology, and clinical assessment of instruments and materials.

"Our bespoke methods and materials development expertise had already attracted interest from top tier companies,” Camilleri states in a press release. “From discussion with existing collaborators, it was clear that there is a lack of testing centers that either offer a full suite of testing capability or that can execute and complete projects in a timely manner, so we decided to formalize our offering by setting up an Operating Division through University of Birmingham Enterprise.”

Palin adds in the press release, "We are now in a position to make our services available, so manufacturers can demonstrate the quality and efficacy of their products through rigorous and reliable testing and make informed decisions during product development. Our highly skilled scientists and technicians will work closely with clients, to ensure accuracy, precision and swift completion of testing.”

University of Birmingham Enterprise is a forward-thinking entity committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. It aims to support cutting-edge research and commercialize academic expertise, enabling impactful advancements in various domains.

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