Ultrafast Dental Diode Laser from DentLight Now Available

Cordless laser with ergonomic design said to provide superior performance.

DentLight Inc., announced the release of its new Ultrafast Wireless Dental Diode Laser designed to eliminate setup time and messy cords, and to provide everyday use for practices.

Ultrafast is a cordless laser with ergonomic design and said to provide superior performance. It delivers 3W constant and 5W pulsed infrared power at 808nm with its distinctive green aiming for better visual clarity during procedures. The sleek wireless design eliminates cords and setup time. It comes with easily disposable fiber tips and slide in laser shield protecting loupe operators.

The laser is extremely durable with scratch resistant solid aircraft aluminum body. It runs 45 minutes continuously on a single charge, weighs only 3.5 oz and measures 6.4 in. It is ergonomic, intuitive, and easy to use as a cordless laser with direct power plug that eliminates downtime.

The laser’s clinical applications include gingivectomies, frenectomies, gingival troughing, sulcular debridement, excisions, aphthous ulcers, and hemostasis.

The Ultrafast Diode Laser Kit includes the laser handpiece, charging stand, disposable fiber tips (5), barrier sleeves (50), power adapter, laser shield, and laser goggles.