Ultradent Launches New VALO™ X Curing Light

Ultradent’s newest edition of its VALO line touts durability, power, and accessibility for dental professionals looking for a curing light solution.

Ultradent has launched its fully redesigned VALO X broadband curing light, with new features such as the 12.5 mm lens and custom LED chips. This curing light has been redesigned to provide clinicians with durability and a more powerful cure than before, according to a press release from Ultradent.

VALO X has Standard and Xtra Power modes, black light and white light, and can be used both corded and cordless. It touts accessibility features such as the 1-button activation so that users can cycle between light and diagnostic modes without fumbling around and risking the procedure’s integrity. The curing light also features 5 accessory lenses to fit any patient’s or procedure’s needs. Combining all of these features and the accelerometer creates a curing light that is customizable without sacrificing durability and power, according to Ultradent VP of Research and Development Neil Jessop.

“We simplified the VALO X curing light even more by making it the only light that allows you to change modes without pushing buttons, thanks to its new accelerometer,” Jessop said in the press release. “In fact, it’s engineered so well that it won’t change modes by accident, providing the experience and performance you expect from a VALO curing light.”

The new VALO X curing light is said to have improved curing depth, beam collimation, and thermal management. It’s crafted from aerospace-grad aluminum which is said to improve thermal management, LED longevity, and durability.

The VALO X curing light retails for $2299 and purchase of it includes a battery charger, a cord adapter, and other necessary components for any dental practice. It is available now.