Ultradent introduces the Ultrapro Tx Sweep disposable prophy angle

The new prophy angle is said to reduce splatter by 95 percent.

Ultradent Products, Inc. has unveiled the latest innovation in disposable prophy angles (DPAs): The Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA.

Splatter is a near constant concern for dental hygienists during polishing, with 80 percent reporting at least a moderate amount while using their current prophy angle. After switching to the Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA, five out of six hygienists experienced a significant reduction in splatter. 95 percent said they encountered little to no splatter compared to their former angle.

Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA’s performance upgrades come from the unique brush guard attached near the head of the angle, effectively “sweeping” away saliva and prophy paste as it accumulates. This method significantly reduces splatter by 95 percent.*

The flexible bristles of the brush guard prevent splatter before it gathers by efficiently stopping saliva and paste from collecting and roping around the outside of the cup. In order to reduce prophy paste waste and keep the treatment field clean, the Ultrapro Tx SweepDPA sweeps excess saliva and paste back toward the tooth. This allows the hygienist to continue working, with no need to refill the cup with additional paste.

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The benefits of Ultradent’s popular Ultrapro™ Tx Skini DPA have been seamlessly incorporated into the Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA. Features include advanced internal blade design, outer ridges for better interproximal cleaning, optimal flare, and quiet gear design. Its ergonomic shape features both a 20-percent shorter head for better access and a 25-percent slimmer neck for improved visibility.

Building on Ultradent’s tradition of innovation, the Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA sets a new standard in polishing, ensuring both hygienists and patients have the clean and comfortable experience they deserve.

To learn more, or to purchase the Ultrapro Tx Sweep disposable prophy angle, call 800.552.5512 or visit ultradent.com.

*Data on file