Two Years After Forfeiting License, Former Oklahoma Oral Surgeon Charged with Money Laundering

An oral surgeon who made national headlines after authorities discovered "filthy" conditions at his practice is now facing money laundering charges.

The former Oklahoma oral surgeon whose unsanitary clinics led to a national firestorm and forced thousands of patients to undergo HIV and hepatitis tests is now charged with money laundering.

According to a federal court filing, W. Scott Harrington allegedly laundered money by defrauding Medicaid while practicing in 2012.

Harrington’s two Tulsa-area clinics were shut down in March 2013 when state officials urged current and former dental patients to get tested for the diseases because of filthy conditions.

State health inspectors discovered rusty instruments, potentially contaminated drug vials, and improper use of sterilization tools.

A total of 4,202 patients were tested at state clinics, 89 of which had hepatitis C, five had hepatitis B, and four had HIV.

Upon investigation, health officials found Harrington responsible for the first transmission of hepatitis C between patients in a dental office in the US.

Harrington forfeited his professional license in 2014.

After investigating Harrington’s Medicaid billing for more than two years already, prosecutors alleged that he deposited into his account more than $15,000 of Medicaid funds from fraudulent billing for services between January and June 2012.

The court filing also claimed that Harrington issued a $15,000 check from his account payable to W.S. Harrington LLC, another entity Harrington controlled.

If convicted, Harrington could face up to a 10-year prison sentence, a $250,000 fine, or twice the amount of the criminally derived property.