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Treatment centers equipped to be the hub of any practice


To get an in-depth look at Dentsply Sirona’s line of Treatment Centers, including the newest Transcendental Treatment Centers, DPR asked Dentsply Sirona Product Marketing Manager - Treatment Centers Stéphane Leduc to address a few topics and answer some questions about this integral piece of every dental operatory.

With a robust history of manufacturing treatment centers, Dentsply Sirona has installed more than 150,000 units worldwide since the 1980s and that number continues to steadily grow.

Made with the highest class of materials and designed for optimum expansion and integration, Transcendental Treatment Centers provide clinicians superior flexibility while offering the patient the most pleasant experience possible.

Stephane Leduc

Stephane Leduc

To get an in-depth look at Dentsply Sirona’s line of Treatment Centers, including the newest Transcendental Treatment Centers, DPR asked Dentsply Sirona Product Marketing Manager - Treatment Centers Stéphane Leduc to address a few topics and answer some questions about this integral piece of every dental operatory.

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Can you provide a bit of background on the Treatment Centers, such as why Dentsply Sirona developed them; some background on R&D or clinician input overseas and/or in the U.S.?

Treatment Centers have always been an integral part of Dentsply Sirona’s heritage. One of our first ventures in core equipment was in 1929 with the first integrated Treatment Center. The Sirona brand name was first used for a Treatment Center developed in 1956. As an established innovation leader, Dentsply Sirona’s Treatment Center division is no exception. With our team of over 600 engineers and scientists, we are able to integrate the latest technologies and provide the best solutions for our customers.

Our research and development department uses our worldwide leadership to develop and test our products along with the expertise of practitioners, technicians, sales and marketing feedback from over 120 countries. The U.S. has always had a big influence in our research, and we are proud to offer our Transcendental Treatment Center solutions to the U.S. 

The Treatment Centers have been available overseas for a time now. What was the thinking behind offering them here in the U.S.?

Sirona’s efforts have always been focused on CAD/CAM and digital imaging segments, it is now time for the U.S. dental community to experience innovative and modern solutions in the core equipment segment as well. 

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Who are the Treatment Centers geared towards? Are they an option for all dental practices?

Dentsply Sirona’s Treatment Centers are for any practice that wants to elevate the services and experience they offer to their patients. From the new practice that wants to start out on the right foot by securing a smart investment for the future, as well as for the seasoned dental practice that wants to implement the latest technology and continue to integrate additional capability into their workflow.

Ergonomics are always top of mind when it comes to product development at Dentsply Sirona, and our Treatment Centers allow any practice to grow in the most efficient, safe and healthy manner while moving towards their personal goals. With two current offerings, the Intego and the more fully-featured Teneo, there is an option to suit the needs of all dental practices.


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What’s the most attractive feature for dental professionals?

Our uniquely modern, yet timeless-designed Treatment Centers are equipped to be the hub of any practice. There are a multitude of integration options that allow the dentist endless capabilities by integrating CAD/CAM, 2D and 3D imaging, implantology and endodontics all without modifying the way they interface with their Treatment Center. By providing a streamlined workflow and comfortable seating for the patient and practitioner alike, Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers sets the standard for an elevated operatory experience.

Transcendental cabinetry

Transcendental cabinetry integrates with the treatment centers for optimal accessibility.

What are the top ROI benefits for dental practices?

Dentsply Sirona designed its Treatment Centers thoughtfully, to improve the day-to-day experience of the dentist. The optimized workflow allows procedures, from the initial consultation to preparing for the next patient, to take less time while freeing up the dentist’s workday. With everything needed integrated into the Treatment Center and available at the user’s fingertips, procedures are able to be performed more efficiently and with less fatigue. Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers transform every appointment into a first-class experience for the patient through increased comfort, thus resulting in a higher compliance and retention rate.

How can Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers make practices more efficient? 

Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers are designed with virtually unlimited integration potential. They allow the dentist to offer more advanced and streamlined services, accept more patients, and provide comprehensive treatment solutions. Moreover, the EasyTouch user interface offers intuitive touchscreen control of clinical functions, chair positions and movement, as well as access to commonly used software. 

What are you most proud of with the Treatment Centers?

In regards to operatory design and functionality, Dentsply Sirona’s Treatment Centers are the leading solution throughout the world. We are proud to be able to offer the Treatment Centers to U.S. dentists so they too can expand their growth possibilities and experience innovative and ground-breaking solutions that transcend traditional delivery offerings.

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