Transcodent announces Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles

November 29, 2018

The disposable and sterile needles are said to promote patient comfort through less pain during injection.

Transcodent, a global leader in application systems for the dental market, announces the Transcodent Painless Steel™ Dental Injection Needles, disposable and sterile needles for the delivery of anesthetic. Reportedly offering more patient comfort through less pain during injection, the Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles feature three-edge lancet grinding that helps the needle penetrates tissue easily.

The ultra-sharp siliconized cannula is said to make for smooth entry, and the bevel marking on the threaded hub is designed to offer an optional injection position that reduces the risk of tissue damage and ensure easy and safe handling. The Painless Steel Injection Needles also feature a heat-sealed needle container and ethylene oxide sterilization. They're suitable for use with cylinder ampoule syringes.

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Color coded by size, Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles are available in 30 G short, 30 G X short, 27 G long, 27 G short, 25 G long and 25 G short. They're certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/DIN 7885.

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