Top 5 new product advancements in pediatric dentistry

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These are the products that have helped pediatric dentistry take a step forward.

These are the products that have helped pediatric dentistry take a step forward.

In recent years, there have been many advances in key areas related to pediatric dentistry such as trends in pediatric procedures and dental materials, caries detection tools, early interventions to arrest disease progression and more.

Here, we’ve listed some of the most popular and treatment-enhancing pediatric advancements that have come down the pipeline.

1. NuSmile Try-In Crowns

NuSmile, a leading manufacturer of pediatric crowns, offers an array of crowns that are easy to place and give a child needing restorative treatment the most natural-looking smile.

Described as an evolutionary step forward for pediatric dentistry, NuSmile Try-In Crowns are easy-to-use and ensure a successful restoration every time they are used. The autoclavable crowns are identical in size and shape to NuSmile’s revolutionary ZR zirconia crowns, and eliminate the need for additional preparation and cleaning steps necessary with zirconia or all-ceramic restoration. Additionally, NuSmile ZR zirconia crowns are now available for centrals, laterals, cuspids and molars.

“If general dentists are going to treat children, they should be using products like NuSmile crowns,” said Kaneta Lott, a pediatric dentist in Atlanta, Ga. “Children need to be treated well … just as well as adults.”

For more information about NuSmile Try-In Crowns or to view a complete product list, visit NuSmile Pediatric Crowns at


2. Sonicare For Kids

Sonicare For Kids is specifically designed to help kids build healthy brushing habits for life. With its kid-friendly features and clinically proven results, Sonicare For Kids helps parents teach their children to brush - supporting the transition from brushing together to independent brushing. Sonicare For Kids delivers superior results through every brushing phase.

Check out this clinical study showing the success of the Sonicare For Kids toothbrush.


3. BIOLASEWaterLaseiPlus

Last year, Anna Ziebarth had a small cavity for the first time in years. But instead of having to make an appointment and come back to the dentist for a traditional filling like she was used to, her dentist at Comprehensive Dentistry for Adults and Children in Costa Mesa, Calif., suggested fixing the problem right then and there, with a laser. She was so impressed with the technology and how quick and easy the procedure was, she decided it was time to introduce her two daughters, Zoe, 11, and Lux, 8, to a new practice and a new dentist.

Read here how the WaterLase iPlus eased the fears of the Ziebarth girls and how it lessens the discomfort for all children at the dentist.

“We’re huge fans of this technology,” Anna Ziebarth said following her daughter’s cavity treatment with the WaterLase iPlus. “It’s a nice luxury to have and I’m grateful my dentist offers it.”


4. Ortho-Tain’s Nite-Guide®

Ortho-Tain manufactures orthodontic appliances that ultimately eliminate the need for orthodontic braces. The Nite-Guide® is a comfortable, clear appliance worn during the night, to provide preventive care for 5 to 7-year-old children while they sleep. Nite-Guide® prevents the need for braces later on in children’s lives by being a preventive orthodontic solution. It provides a straight smile and a healthy occlusion early on, by guiding teeth properly into the mouth as the child grows and develops.

“A lot of children have habits at an early age, pacifiers- for example- create open bites and these open bites can persist for the rest of a person’s life,” says Dr. Earl Bergesen. “If they’re not corrected early, it’s almost impossible to correct them at 12 or 15 years of age.”


5. The Wand® STA®All-Injection System

A pain-free practice builder, The Wand STA All-Injection System allows clinicians to gently, precisely, and quickly administer all dental injections without the fear and anxiety of traditional syringes. Single tooth, palatal and infiltration injections are performed painlessly and without collateral numbness of the cheeks, lip, and tongue, preserving natural smile lines and offering patients a more pleasant experience during and after procedures. In the case of children, there is no chance of lip or tongue trauma from biting after a STA injection for mandibular teeth due to the ability to avoid a mandibular block.

Here’s a product review from Dr. Gordon Chiu: The Wand STA is more comfortable and less intimidating to patients

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