Top 5 checklists of 2017

The most-read checklists of the past year.

Before you start thinking about 2018, it’s time to think back to what you learned in 2017.

This year, we brought you a number of checklists designed to give you the tips you need to help you perform at your best. These are the five that you found to be the most helpful, based on the number of views. Which one was your favorite?

We brought you tips on everything from bioactive materials to digital impressions, and we hope that you learned a lot this year.

And after you’ve gone back through this list, it’s time to start thinking about how you can apply this knowledge to next year!

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3 reasons why the best restoration is bioactive

Sponsored by Pulpdent

Bioactive materials are strong, esthetic and positively impact oral health. In this checklist, you’ll review how bioactive materials are friendly to tissue and saliva, support the natural remineralization process, and seal against microleakage and secondary caries.

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Top tips to consider when purchasing a treatment unit

Sponsored by Kavo

Selecting the wrong treatment unit can inconvenience staff and patients alike. How can you ensure you’re buying the right equipment for your practice? Take a look at 10 tips you should consider to help you choose a unit that will minimize repair and replacement costs, increase productivity and profit, improve patient comfort, and integrate with your practice’s workflow and style.

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5 reasons 3D printers are excellent for model making

Sponsored by Stratasys

3D printing is changing dentistry for the better. Here’s why the technology will help you create better models with less time, cost and aggravation.

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3 breakthroughs in cement technology

Sponsored by Pulpdent

Don’t be content with cements that promise only to “do no harm.” New breakthroughs in bioactive cement technology streamline workflows and provide lasting results, while also playing a dynamic role in your patients’ oral health. In this checklist, you’ll examine how bioactive materials support remineralization, streamline inventory management, simplify clinical techniques and provide durable results.

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4 ways digital impressions revolutionize your restorative workflow

Sponsored by Carestream Dental

Digital impressions are accurate, efficient, and provide a complete view of the mouth. Want to learn more about digital scans? Keep this checklist handy.

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