The top 10 lab techniques of 2017


Taking a look at the 10 most-viewed how-tos this year.

Here at Digital Esthetics, step-by-step techniques continue to be some of our most-read articles. There’s no better way to showcase all the technology and trends we cover than to see how real dental professionals are working day-to-day.

We compiled this list of the 10 most-viewed how-tos we ran this year. Our readers have shown us time and again that there’s a real hunger for techniques showing how all of this technology can actually be put into everyday uses. In this list, you’ll see techniques involving implants, intraoral scanners, CAD/CAM software and more.

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Above all, you’ll see how technology is truly changing and innovating the dental workflow. These shifts aren’t just designed to make things more automated - they’re designed to make your job easier  and your patient care even better.

Click through the slides to see the top 10 techniques of this year.


Technique: Fabricating full-arch implant prosthesis

By Celin Arce DDS, MS, FACP, and Matt Winstead, CDT

Full-arch implant-supported restorations have been documented to have high success rates. Many combinations of materials have been used for this type of restoration. 

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Technique: Using digital diagnostic design to achieve great results

By Jonathan L. Ferencz, DDS, FACP

Digital intraoral scanners, as well as stand-alone and complete computer-assisted design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment are powerful and efficient tools in today’s dental practices.

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Technique: Creating monolithic zirconia splinted crowns

By Jonathan L. Ferencz, DDS, FACP, and Pasquale Fanetti, RDT

Computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems and machinable all-ceramic materials represent exciting new ways for dentists to deliver prosthodontic care to patients.   

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Technique: Using new technology for old cases

By Luke S. Kahng, CDT

Our patient, a female in her 60s, had undergone a reconstructive dental process 15 years earlier with unfortunate issues involved with the work from the beginning. The porcelain popped off repeatedly, requiring frequent visits to the new dentist.

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Technique: How to place an anterior implant using a digital workflow

By Dr. Francisco Teixeira Barbosa

The patient, a 48-year-old female, is in good general health with no known diseases and not taking any medication. She is a non-smoker with no allergies.

The patient is suffering from the continuous decimation of her crown on the central incisor. Once the crown is removed, we can see that the remaining stump has subgingival margins and the typical appearance of having suffered continued leaks.

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Technique: How to do same-day implant restoration

By Daniel Butterman, DDS

Prior to the advent of CAD/CAM dentistry, restoring implants using the analog method required PVS impressions and multiple appointments. In the first appointment, a traditional impression was taken and sent to the lab for fabrication of the implant restoration. Several weeks later, the patient presented for the seating of the restoration. CAD/CAM dentistry allowed dentists to image the implant digitally and eliminate PVS impressions.

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Technique: Digital case management of a delayed immediate implant placement

By Dr. Robert Pauly, Jr.

In February, a 68-year-old female presented to my office with a toothache on the lower right side. She stated that the tooth had been hurting sporadically for a week and was worsening. A review of her medical history showed high blood pressure controlled with medication, but otherwise no medical contraindications.

Upon examination, it was revealed that tooth #30 had large MOD alloy that had fractured with large recurrent decay present.

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Technique: How to create a better, permanent smile

By Bill Atkission, owner of Bella Vita Dental Designs

This was a case that I worked on for a very special patient - my own sister. The patient had a complicated dental history and has worn a removable denture for a very long time. Thankfully, she has a dental professional in the family and came to learn that she now had options for a more stable, permanent and beautiful smile.

The patient no longer wanted the partial denture that she had basically learned to live with for many years.

To read the whole case, click here.


Technique: A new (digital) way to create a locator bar

By Luke S. Kahng, CDT

What an exciting new way to create a locator bar! For the first time, the author has produced a full monolithic cement-retained locator bar that is removable. And it is, in the author’s opinion, absolutely beautiful and exactly what the doctor and patient ordered for this case. 

The cases are generally successful. The difference this time is that the case was fabricated using zirconia, not acrylic, and the esthetic case presentation recorded here is very nice, in the author’s opinion. ...

To read the whole case, click here.


Technique: Scan a complex implant case more efficiently

By Luke S. Kahng, CDT

I have spent the last decade going full force into digital dentistry and mastering the most efficient and successful ways to use state of the art technology to masterfully craft the complex cases that I routinely handle. 

I recently started utilizing the Freedom HD Scanner by DOF for milling in my lab, which allows me to streamline the process of fabricating these cases.

To read the whole case, click here.

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