Tokuyama Dental America Launches Rebase III Hard Denture Reline Material

The next generation of Tokuyama Dental America's hard denture reline material is easier to work with and less irritating to patients.

Designed for hard relines of all complete and partial acrylic dentures, Rebase III from Tokuyama Dental America is described as offering better mixability, handling time, and flexural strength when compared to Rebase II.

The material can reportedly simplify chairside reline procedures by requiring less mixing time, reducing bubble formation, and offering clinicians extended working time. The material is also said to be the most durable hard reline material available. Additionally, its advanced monomer composition reduces chemical odors and tastes to make relined dentures more comfortable for patients.

Rebase III will be replacing Rebase II in the Tokuyama Dental America product catalog. According to a press release, orders for Rebase II will be fulfilled until supplies run out, and then Rebase II will be discontinued.