Tips from a dental assistant on using SonicFill from Kerr Dental

Are you using SonicFill from Kerr Dental in your practice? Dental assistant extraordinaire Tija Hunter has some advice for you...

If you are a Sonicfill user, then you know why I love it!

I love the ease of use, the “flowable” that turns into a more condensable material and the delivery system itself. It is truly like none other! Because it does stand in a class all by itself, there are certain little things that make working with this amazing product easier. Let’s go over some of those…

1. A big mistake some of our team has experienced is, when placing the composite tip onto the handpiece, don’t overtighten it. You will cause a small crack in the tip and you won’t know it until you step on that rheostat and the ultrasonic motion causes the crack to open wide up. It will expel composite everywhere! A simple little twist and a snug fit is all you need.

2. When setting up a room for a composite procedure, it’s always a good idea, when you put the new composite compule on, to expectorate the material a little so it flows just to the top of the tip. Rather than your doctor having to press on that rheostat and wait for the material to flow there, you have it ready for them!

3. Watch that speed. Remember the faster the material flows, the faster it sets. One doctor may like it faster than another. If the doctor is getting frustrated with setting times, that may be the reason. Jump in and make his or her life a little easier and adjust the speed!

Learn more about why Tija and her doctor use SonicFill in their practice

Whether it is you or your doctor placing the restoration, by knowing your products and how to handle them best, you can jump in and be the hero when they are experiencing problems and make your day go smoother.

Let’s face it … our days are stressful enough. If we can find a few little tips to help brighten or day, why not use them?

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