This French-Israeli Dentist Could Become an International Pop Star

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A French-Israeli dentist will represent France this weekend in the Eurovision song contest.

Certified dentist Amir Haddad may be on the road to stardom as he represents France in the Eurovision Song Contest (Eurovision) this week in Stockholm.

Started in 1956, Eurovision is the longest-running annual international television song competition, featuring representatives from 43 countries in a battle for the year’s best pop song.

Haddad, 31, got his first taste of fame in 2006 in the fourth season of Israeli song contest “A Star is Born,” while still a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

After his military service, Haddad went on to attend and graduate from dentistry school in Jerusalem.

Then in 2014, Haddad brought his talents to the French version of “The Voice.” All four judges turned their chairs toward him during his blind audition.

He placed third and was soon selected to represent France in Eurovision 2016 with the French and English pop song, “J’ai cherché” (“I Have Been Looking For”).

Since France is one of Eurovision’s “Big Five” countries, along with Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, Haddad got to skip the semifinals, which took place earlier this week. He now will be one of the 10 singers competing in the finals.

The contest garners more than 180 million viewers annually, and people select winners by popular vote cast through text messages and an official Eurovision smartphone app.

View the YouTube video below to see a performance by Haddad.