The TeleDentists Partner with ToothLens For Artificial Intelligence Dental Screenings

The TeleDentists and ToothLens will partner to bring remote monitoring and at-home checks for dental patients and practitioners, all powered by artificial intelligence.

Teledentistry group The TeleDentists have announced a partnership with artificial intelligence-powered (AI) app ToothLens. Through this partnership, patients will scan teeth photos at home to send to the dentist to monitor their progress. ToothLens uses AI to check for caries and tartar, according to a press release from the companies.

ToothLens is HIPAA compliant and allows dental professionals to do asynchronous and synchronous remote consults with patients. These consults include ortho, post-op, and hygiene as well as an initial assessment between patient and practitioner. These features combine for a robust teledentistry experience, paired with AI that is capable of screening and detecting, according to President of the TeleDentists Leah Sigler.

“Teledentistry is the newest tool in dentistry,” Sigler said in the press release. “By incorporating teledentistry and ToothLens scanning from home, any dental office can add a ‘virtual’ chair for increased revenue and patient access, while reducing actual chair time and waste of personal protective equipment (PPE).”

“Dentists’ time is expensive,” CEO of ToothLens, Dr Manoj Rajan said in the press release. “With AI-powered self-check and remote monitoring technology-patient acquisition, engagement, and retention becomes a lot easier, increasing efficiency and productivity.”