The PinkWave Curing Light from Vista Apex Receives Catapult Vote of Confidence

Following an evaluation by Catapult Education, the PinkWave curing light earned the organization's Vote of Confidence.

After an evaluation conducted by members of Catapult Education, Vista Apex was excited to share news that its PinkWave curing light has earned the product evaluation group's Catapult Vote of Confidence.

Featuring patented QuadWave technology that cures dental materials using a combination of ultraviolet, blue, red, and near-infrared light wavelengths, the PinkWave demonstrated its ability to reduce composite shrinkage during the testing, according to a press release. The light also features a large curing area of 113 m2, and a lightweight, ergonomic design. Both of those features where highlighted by evaluators who said this contributed to the light's ease of use and superior access to all areas of the mouth.

The PinkWave also features an integrated transillumination light for aid in detecting cracks and caries.

"I think this light has a lot going for it. First, this light is powerful. It is easy to use, and the pink gives it a "coolness" factor. It has a sleek design and is ergonomic. I am anxious to see how the additional red and near Infra-red LEDs improve the physical properties," says Catapult evaluator Daniel H Ward, DDS in a press release.