The DMD Top 5 for the Week Ending March 31

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Our travel writer guides you toward summer-vacation savings north of the border. An illegal dentist got arrested for allegedly making meth in his practice. And a luxury car company is offering a service that gives you a new ride each month. Find out what other DMD stories made our Top 5 this week.

Whether you’re a patient, #dentist, or #dental #student there’s an app for that #MyHinman

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1. Plan a Summer Excursion to the Canadian Rockies: If you’re looking for a scenic, outdoor adventure this summer, visit the Canadian Rockies. Zip down an Olympic bobsled run in Calgary, ride a gondola to the summit of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, and explore the trails in Banff National Park and around Lake Louise.

Man charged with making meth in illegal #dental practice #dmdcheckup

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2. The DMD Check-Up: Illegal Dentist Also Made Meth, Cops Say: Authorities have charged a 42-year-old California man with practicing dentistry illegally and using his illegal dental practice to manufacture meth. The suspect was charged after a three-month investigation. Authorities have been unable to determine whether anyone was harmed by the suspect’s alleged treatments.

.@RoyalCaribbean launches land-based tour site GoBe #travel #adventure

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3. Use These New Travel Sites to find Your Next Adventure: Royal Caribbean Cruises is the latest large company to launch a tour booking site. GoBe doesn’t just target cruisers. The site aims at land-based travel. Booking experiences for travelers is big business.

How would you like to drive a new luxury #car each month? There's a subscription service for that

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4. Drive a New Luxury Car Each Month with this Subscription Service: For the car-loving dentist, there’s a new service that lets you drive a brand new, fully loaded Cadillac each month. With the push of a button on a smartphone app, Cadillac’s BOOK program will hand deliver a new car to the location of your choosing and a concierge will drive the old car away. The service will cost you$1,500 per month.

What an #astronaut can teach #dentists about risk management

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5. Rethinking Risk in Extreme Environments: Scott Parazynski, M.D., is the only astronaut to have summited Mt. Everest. His career in the space program and taste for adventure have taught him a few things about managing risk, a subject he lectured on at the 2017 Hinman Dental Meeting. In this clip, Parazynski, who is also the CEO of Fluidity Technologies, explains how risky environments have taught him about risk management.

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