The DMD Top 5 for the Week Ending March 10

If you picked this specialty, you’re in luck. The American Dental Association recently released its ranking of which dental specialties make the most. Plus, if you’re looking to book a cruise this year or next, we’ve got the latest ranking of the best lines. And finally, are you taking advantage of this low- or no-cost marketing method in your dental practice? These are among the most popular stories on our website this week.

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1. The Dental Specialty that Earns the Most: A research brief published by the American Dental Association’s Health Policy institute shows which dental specialists earn the most. The report looked at the average annual income for oral surgeons, endodontists, orthodontists, periodontists and pediatric dentists. The study also looked at how busy the specialists consider themselves to be.

2. The DMD Check-Up: Suit Filed over Baby's Tragic Death at Dentist's Office: The parents of a 14-month-old girl who died while under anesthesia last year have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Austin, Texas-based dentist. The parents suspect they were tricked into agreeing to unnecessary dental work for their daughter, a local news station reports. Other industry stories that made national headlines this week include a celebrity dentist who was booted from a flight over an alleged joke about president Donald Trump, and more controversy over the dental therapist role.

3. Ranking Reveals Best Cruise Lines of 2017: A cruise is a great vacation, provided you choose the right line and ship for you. Looking for luxury plus value? U.S. News & World Report rates Celebrity Cruises as the best for the money. Traveling with kids? Disney tops the list for family cruises and U.S. News ranks Crystal Cruises as the best for couples.

4. Free and Low-Cost Marketing Efforts to Use in your Dental Practice: Engaging patients in word-of-mouth marketing could be the most cost-effective way to spread the word about your dental practice. Often, the only cost to the dentist with this marketing method is time. Dentists should simply ask patients who have had positive experiences in their practices to provide feedback. The key is having systems in place to streamline that process.

5. Hinman Dental Meeting: How to Use Video to Grow Your Dental Practice: Patients are getting their information about dental practices in new and different ways. Posting videos of satisfied patients is an excellent marketing tool. Patients being videoed should provide three key points on why the dental practice is superior. There’s no need to be timid about this technology — its easier than you think.


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