The DMD Top 5 for the Week Ending Feb. 17


Your weekly roundup of the most popular stories from Dentist's Money Digest. Here, you'll discover the 11 states where dentists make the most money. Get an in-depth look at how dental service organizations are changing the world of dentistry. Find out how a lichen could improve future dental treatments. And understand why Americans will be staying at home for summer vacation this year.

1. The 11 Highest-Paying States for Dentists: The dental industry has been awash in good economic news lately. First, U.S. News & World Report named dentistry the best job in America for 2017. Prior to that, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the dental job market to grow by 18 percent through 2024. Now, Insider Monkey has released its annual overview of the states where dentists are paid the most.

2. Special Report: The Rise of Dental Service Organizations in America: Dental service organizations — sometimes referred to as dental support organizations – are becoming increasingly common in dentistry today. The American Dental Association estimates that 7.8 percent of dentists now belong to one, contracting with a DSO to handle the business side of operating a practice so that they can focus on the clinical side. DSOs advocates say they allow dentists to focus more on caring for patients. Critics, however, are concerned about corporate interests.

3. Lichen Molecules Could Shape Future Dental Treatments: Researchers have identified a lichen that thrives in subarctic or arctic regions that contains several molecules that fight bacteria. It’s possible that these molecules could be used to treat dental issues, such as caries and periodontal disease. Two of the compounds the researchers discovered have never been identified on the planet before. One of the researchers said, “Lichens in the North are exposed to unique environmental stresses. We thought that these species might produce special molecules to cope with these very rugged conditions.”

4. Take Steps to Control Your Dental Practice’s Overhead: There are certain key indicators that your dental practice’s overhead may be out of control. First and foremost, after the bills are paid, and your staff has received payroll, is there any money left over for you? Linda Drevenstedt, R.D.H. and principal of Drevenstedt Consulting, says using a dental-specific CPA and equipping your practice management team with proper software will go a long way.

5. Security Concerns Will Keep Americans in the States for Vacation, Report Says: Security is the number one concern for U.S. travelers, according to Travelzoo, an online travel deals and booking site. As a result, a majority of travelers plan to vacation closer to home in 2017, according to Travelzoo’s Spring Travel Trends 2017. Popular intended destinations include beaches in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

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