The DMD Check-Up: Truth in Tooth


Our weekly look at the top dental industry news from around the web.

In the future, science will look to our teeth rather than our skeletal remains to uncover some details of our lives. That story tops this week’s DMD Check-Up. Also making the list: a New York City dentist sues his patients, veterans will receive better dental coverage, and more.

Truth in Tooth (

“Several thousand years from now, our teeth may document our lives more faithfully than any recording technology,” according to this intriguing report on the work of a bioarchaeologist from San Diego State University. “Teeth have the greatest archaeological sturdiness. Enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body.”

Annual Dental X-Rays Are Unneeded (New York Times)

According to this health economist: “Dentists tend to overuse them. Jay Friedman, a dentist who advises Consumer Reports on dental issues, has been warning of overuse of dental imaging since the 1970s.”

The Crazy Reason a Dentist Is Suing His Patients (Money)

“According to the New York Daily News, Manhattan endodontist Nima Dayani has filed lawsuits against five patients over the last four years, seeking damages of up to $100,000, after they posted poor reviews online about the services they received.”

Sealants Great Benefit to Children (

A “current best evidence” report in the Journal of the American Dental Association provides “a clear indication to dental professionals as to the marked benefit of the use of sealants in preventing and managing occlusal caries in children and adolescents.”

The Role of Dentistry in Prescribing Opioids (PR Newswire)

“Young people typically have their first exposure to opioids after wisdom teeth removal, minor surgical procedures or after athletic injuries,” explains a prominent dentist on behalf of the Pennsylvania Dental Association. And dentists have a significant role in the proper prescribing of these medications.

Steady Dental Care Costs Growth for the Next Decade (

“Dental care costs in America are projected to jump 60% by 2025, according to a new Health Affairs report. Despite the soaring cost of dental care, most people still aren't getting adequate oral care. The dental industry is serving less than half the population; about 65% don't get regular care.”

Celebrity Dentists Share 19 Drugstore Favorites for a Mega-Watt Smile (Today)

Hard to resist this one from NBC’s morning talk show. This consumer sop might not be good for a dentist’s business. But, “here are some great products recommended by celebrity dentists for maintenance in-between visits and an even brighter, whiter smile. The best part? You can find all of them at your local drugstore.”

Better Dental Coverage for Veterans (

“A federal bill to provide dental insurance for US military veterans and their eligible family members is on the desk of President Obama for signing. Vets will pay for their insurance plans out-of-pocket at discounted rates, so the program will not cost taxpayers other than administrative costs.”

Doctors Have Favorite Patients (Science Daily)

“Physicians like the majority of their patients, but a majority like some patients more than others,” a study in Patient Education and Counseling indicates. “This study is thought to be among the first to explore the positive aspects of physicians' attitudes towards their patients.”

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