The DMD Check-Up: The End of Fillings As We Know Them?


How an Alzheimer’s medication may help fill cavities, plus, an N.J. dentist is convicted of stealing a dead colleague’s identity.

The End of Tooth Fillings Once and For All (Newsweek)

Originally created for Alzheimer’s patients, a new drug has been found to help repair cavities and tooth degeneration. British researchers found that the drug Tideglusib encourages stem cells in teeth to create new dentine.

ID Theft Dentist Nailed (ABC News)

“A New Jersey dentist was fined $1.1 million and hit with a 50-year ban for stealing the identity of a dead colleague.” Dr. Roben Brookhim’s “exclusion was one of the longest ever imposed by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Asian Immigrants Dental Concerns Much Neglected (Medical Express)

“There is very little research on Asian immigrants and the different subgroups that fall into that category. With the Asian population being the second-fastest growing group in the U.S., there is a call for more comprehensive research on what inhibits their dental care,” according to a new American Journal of Preventive Medicine report.

Dentist Changes Name to Stay on Top (ABC 11 News)

“How far would you go to be better than the competition? One North Carolina dentist went to extreme measures to make sure his dental practice stayed on top. Dr. David Draper legally changed his last name to ‘David Better’ so he could keep the name of his dental practice, ‘Better Dental.’”

The Best Intraoral Camera for Dentists (Consumer Electronics)

The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera has been ranked as the best intraoral camera on DentalCompare's list of Top Dental Products of 2016, taking the #2 spot overall. “The benefits of seeing the need for treatment or preventive care not only help dental practices improve patient education but also increase their case acceptances," CEO Brant Herman said.

Alabama Seeking More Rural Dentists (The Anniston Star)

Go south, young dentist. A new bill in the Alabama state legislature would help rural communities keep healthcare professionals nearby by “expanding tax incentives for dentists and physicians if they agree to live and work in rural areas. Too many rural doctors are retiring and not being replaced. A community without a doctor is almost a dying community.”

Can a Toothpaste Save Lives? (Knowridge Science Report)

The American Journal of Medicine has published results from a randomized trial of a novel plaque identifying toothpaste, (Plaque HD) that shows “statistically significant reductions in dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body.” Plaque HD is a fluoride toothpaste with a built-in disclosing agent.

Brushing Up on Dental Care Costs (BizTimes)

“Dental benefits remain an afterthought for many employers. They shouldn’t be,” explains the president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin. He offers up some practical and clear insights on dental insurance options for businesses. A worthwhile read for dentists to see where they stand.

New Dental Implant Reduces Risk of Infections (Science Daily)

“A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has developed a dental implant that gradually releases drugs from a built-in reservoir. This means that the implant is effective in terms of both preventing and curing infections.”

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