The DMD Check-Up: Is Children's Toothpaste a Con?

Our weekly round-up of top dentistry-related stories.

Is children’s toothpaste really worth the higher price? A new study answers that question in this week’s DMD Check-Up. Also in our news roundup, New York gets a new dental school, and an Illinois county is ordained the best place for dentists to work.

The Children's Toothpaste Con (Express)

British researchers are reporting that “children's toothpaste is a big con”—while sometimes triple the price of normal paste, it does no more to protect teeth. Experts also are concerned that children may be tempted to eat the flavored toothpastes.

Oral Bacteria May Lead to Pancreatic Cancer (Medical Daily)

The presence of specific bacteria in the mouth indicates an increased risk for pancreatic cancer, according to new NYU Langone Medical Center study. Researchers believe the results suggest a fresh way to detect this form of cancer which will kill more than 40,000 people this year.

First New York Dental School Since 1968 (PR Newswire)

New York state's first new dental school in nearly 50 years will open this fall—Touro College of Dental Medicine will be established on the campus of New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY. Jay P. Goldsmith, DMD has been appointed the founding dean and capacity enrollment will be 440 students.

County in Illinois Best for Dentists (Chicago Tribune)

Lake County, IL was ranked as the best location in the nation (with at least 500,000 residents) for dentists, according to a recent study by ValuePenguin. The study examined dentist’s salaries, area affordability, and the job opportunities. Other top spots were Port St. Lucie, FL, Colorado Springs, CO, and Prescott, AZ.

Snake Handler with Phobia of Dentists (Mirror)

Did you hear the joke about … oh no, it’s true: A snake handler with a lifelong fear of dentists is smiling again after spending over $38,000 on new teeth. The terrified UK resident had let his teeth rot because of his phobia. He handles a wide collection of scary animals, “including pythons, scorpions, lizards and bearded dragons.”

Turning Back Dental Health in Connecticut (CT Mirror)

Dental health officials think that Connecticut, which leads the nation in the percentage of kids covered by Medicaid who go to the dentist, could be damaged under the governor’s proposal to cut Medicaid payment rates for children’s dental care. “Fewer dentists will treat Medicaid patients,” says the Connecticut State Dental Association president.

Oral Health and Well-Being Among Seniors (Oxford University Press)

Poor oral health that impacts daily function are important risk factors for well-being and depression among older adults. And gerontology researchers must more deeply consider this connection. “The compartmentalization involved in viewing the mouth separately from the rest of the body must cease.”

A Look at Consolidation in Dentistry (

According to a new ADA Health Policy Institute report, Considering Large Group Dental Practices as a Vehicle for Consolidation in Dentistry, “large group dental practices account for a slightly higher share of the total number of dental practice employees.” And the researchers concluded that “medical practice is not a good model for dental practice."

Dental Labs: The Costs of Doing Business (

The National Association of Dental Laboratories has released its latest Business Survey and updated numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to share with dentists the latest dental laboratory trends and statistics. Among the findings: Dentistry must focus less on price and more on quality and artistry.