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The DMD Check-Up: Fluoride Battle Rages in California


Voters in Healdsburg, CA, will decide whether to ban fluoride from their water supply.

This week's list of must-read news stories for dentists includes:

California Dentists Enter Fluoride Fight (San Francisco Chronicle)

“Healdsburg is the site of a battle over water fluoridation that has drawn in local political groups and the California Dental Association. Measure T asks voters to decide whether to ban fluoride in Healdsburg water until suppliers of the chemical compound can prove it’s safe and free of impurities.” One local dentist says it’s all “malarkey.”

Hospitals Fail to Report Medical Devices Problems (NPR.org)

“After several prominent safety problems with medical devices in hospitals, the FDA inspected 17 hospitals nationwide to assess compliance with reporting regulations. About two-thirds, including well-known medical centers in Los Angeles, Boston and New York, failed to promptly report patient deaths or injuries linked to medical devices.”

Should Weapons Be Permitted in Dental Offices? (DentistryiQ)

Following a recent shooting incident in an Ohio dentist’s office, Apex360 surveyed dentists with one big question: “In light of this event, do you think dental offices should post signs prohibiting patients from carrying weapons inside? Why or why not?”

25 Best Places to Retire (Forbes)

For those dentists who will get there, for those who hope to get there, and for those who will never get there, but believe it’s okay to dream: “Retirement is a new phase of life, and, for many, a chance to consider new surroundings. Here’s a new list of 25 top US cities for retirement.” #1: Abilene, TX.

Treating Gingivitis Reduces Risk of Premature Births (Dental Tribune)

A new Procter and Gamble study “confirms an ever-strengthening correlation between successful treatment of gingivitis during pregnancy and dramatically reducing the chances of a premature, low-weight birth,” according to Dr. Robert Gerlach, a research fellow in worldwide clinical investigations at P&G.

CBT Resource May Reduce Children's Dental Anxiety (American Association for Dental Research)

The International and American Associations for Dental Research is reporting on “the development of a guided self-help cognitive behavioral therapy resource for the management of children's dental anxiety and provide preliminary evidence for the feasibility and acceptability of this approach with children aged between nine and 16 years.” Read more here.

Is ObamaCare Affecting Dental Benefits Coverage? (ADA.org)

According to a new report from the ADA's Health Policy Institute, from 2013 to 2014, “the percentage of working-age adults lacking dental benefits dropped and the percentage with private dental benefits coverage increased. Also, the percentage of children lacking dental benefits continued to fall and is now at its lowest level since 1999.”

Combine Procedures to Limit Children’s Anesthesia Exposure (Science Daily)

“Children who require both dental and non-dental medical procedures should have them completed under one general anesthesia session whenever possible, which is ideal for both the patient and family,” suggests new research from the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

A Wonder Toothpaste? (Science Daily)

A new study from the American Journal of Medicine tells “of a novel plaque identifying toothpaste, Plaque HD. A clinical trial “produced statistically significant reductions in dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body as measured by high sensitivity C-reactive protein, a sensitive marker for future heart attacks and strokes.”

"Death and the Dentist:" Story Update (CBS News)

Last September the CBS TV show “48 Hours” ran story of a well-liked New York man, Tom Kolman, found dead in his car. “Police were stunned when an unusual drug is found in his body. Also surprising, is whom the police suspected: his best friend, prominent dentist Dr. Gilberto Nunez.” He’s since been acquitted of murder.

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