The DMD Check-Up: Clear Coffee to Fight Tooth Stains

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Two brothers from the U.K. who grew tired of dealing with coffee stains on their teeth have developed a clear variety. This new coffee tastes like the real deal, with the duo comparing it to a strong cup of cold brew. In other dental news, another fluoride battle is raging in Virginia and Texas is looking to further regulate dental anesthesia.

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Good news for your coffee-loving patients who are concerned about keeping their teeth white. A company called CLR CFF has debuted a clear version of the beloved beverage that tastes like cold-brewed coffee.

The brew was created by two U.K. brothers, Esquire reports.

One of them, David Nagy, told the Evening Standard, “We are heavy coffee drinkers. Like many other people, we struggled with teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs, so we decided to create our own recipe.”


That recipe, Esquire reports, uses “high-quality Arabica coffee beans” and brewing “methods which have never been used before.” Esquire also says that bartenders are using the beverage to whip up some innovative cocktails.


Despite the EPA and the ADA firmly supporting fluoride, a water authority in Virginia has decided to remove the mineral from the public water supply.

WSLS10, an NBC affiliate, reports that the Bedford Regional Water Authority voted on Thursday night to take fluoride out of its water, citing community complaints and logistics. WSLS10 quotes a local dentist, Annie Libbey, D.D.S., as saying that the authority has set up thousands of children for cavities.

“It seems like a no-brainer,” Libbey says in the report. “This is a very inexpensive, effective way to reduce our patients’ rate of cavities.”

Push made for tougher laws in dentist offices after dozens die under anesthesia #kprc2

— KPRC 2 Houston (@KPRC2) April 20, 2017


Citing a spate of recent deaths while under dental anesthesia, a Texas state senator has proposed legislation that would bolster regulations for dentists who offer anesthesia for patients.

Click 2 Houston reports that Sen. Charles Schwertner, who is also an orthopedic surgeon, proposed the legislation, citing “public outrage” around the death of a 39-old-man who went under anesthesia in 2011, and around an October incident that left another girl with severe brain damage.

The legislation, if approved by the state House and signed by the Texas governor, would require more education for dentists who wish to offer anesthesia, and establish a permitting process.

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