The Dental Compliance Institute Publishes Guide on Surviving Ransomware Attacks

The Dental Compliance Institute lists out 5 best practices for dental professionals and DSOs who have been a target of ransomware.

The Dental Compliance Institute (DCI) has published a guide titled “5 Ways to Survive a Ransomware Attack.” This guide was designed specifically for dental practices and professionals to know what to do in case of ransomware attack.

“The best way to survive a ransomware attack is to prevent one in the first place,” founder of DCI, Linda Harvey, MS, RDH, said in a press release from the company. “That’s why our latest survival guide Is focused on explaining how practice owners can effectively minimize the risk of a crippling ransomware attack.”

As patient records are vital to keep safe and secure, this guide lists out 5 best practices for dental practices, DSOs, and professionals to keep in mind when they’ve fallen prey to bad ransomware actors.

This comes after a ransomware breach of several practices in the Spring of 2021, wherein over 125,000 patients in 10 states were impacted, according to the press release.

This survival guide serves second in a series of guides on vital regulatory topics in the dental practices. These topics include OSHA, HIPAA, and dental risk management. The guide is available for download now.