The Association of Dental Support Organizations Announces New Workforce Task Force

This non-profit has created a task force to investigate just why staffing shortages as well as recruitment and retention issues are happening in the dental industry.

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) has announced a new task force specifically created to address staffing and workforce issues in dental practices. The task force will be comprised of ADSO member companies and partners to analyze and explore the issues affecting staffing in dental offices, according to a press release from the ADSO.

This comes after feedback and surveys indicating dental practices were actively recruiting hygienists and assistants, and that the labor market has created shortages in dental practices. This task force will pin down just why these issues are happening now, according to ADSO’s Executive Director Andrew Smith.

“This inability to achieve efficient operational standards, compounded by the costly nature of recruiting itself, represents a major challenge that dental practitioners are eager to overcome both from the perspective of financial stability and patient care,” Smith says in the press release. “Our new task force will explore why recruiting and retention have become increasingly difficult and provide recommended solutions to overcome those challenges. Our focus will include not only dental hygienists and assistants, but also helping new dentists find their preferred practice home.”

Non-profit ADSO will seek to answer the questions left by this “Great Resignation” as described in the press release from the group, and to test the viability of any solutions presented.