The Aspen Group Announces Nationwide Transition to Digital Dental Offices

The Aspen Group has announced a full digital transformation of all of its practices and labs across the U.S.

The Aspen Group announced a plan to fully transform all of its Aspen Dental locations to wholly digital practices. This plan is designed to demonstrate Aspen Dental’s commitment to delivering new technologies for best patient outcomes, according to a press release from the Aspen Group.

This digital transition includes all-digital labs, and design software tools as well as 3D-printing equipment for dentures, surgical guides, night guards, crowns, and other printable apparatuses. Every office will also be equipped with CBCT systems and intraoral scanners to fully streamline a robust digital workflow. This is all done in the hopes of improving patient experiences across all locations, according to Founder and CEO of Aspen Dental, The Aspen Group, Bob Fontana.

"Our digital transformation is one of the biggest innovations our industry has ever seen, and we're proud to lead this digital revolution in dentistry," Fontana said in the press release. "We're continually looking for ways to bring better care to patients and to provide better tools and training to the hard-working doctors and their teams who we support. The fully digital offices will help us do just that."

The first all-digital office opened in Pompano Beach, Florida, while plans to complete the full digital transition by early 2023 are set in motion.