The Academy of Laser Dentistry Publishes Latest Journal of Laser Dentistry

The latest edition of the Journal of Laser Dentistry is available now to members of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and contains valuable insight on laser dentistry.

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) has published the latest version of the Journal of Laser Dentistry (JLD). Standing at 153 pages, this digital issue is peer-reviewed, and contains advice from clinicians, researchers, and educators.

Topics covered in this edition include an examination of the effect of photobiomodulation on chemoradiation-induced xerostomia and oral mucositis; laser wavelength effectiveness; advantages and limitations or a closed, ER;YAG laser surgical approach to crown-lengthening; low-energy ablation of oral lichen planus; and phototherapy for pediatric obstructive sleep apnea.

Other valuable content includes interviews, commentaries, and photobiomodulation resources, according to a press release from ALD. This edition is immediately available to ALD members. The table of contents is viewable here.