The 7 Best States for Retirement


This WalletHub ranking takes into account several factors, including Affordability, Quality of Life, and Health Care access.

The year 2016 is about to come to a close, and with its passing, you find yourself a year closer to retirement. As you contemplate your retirement strategy--accounting for factors such as timing, the sale of your dental practice, the different phases of retirement, and how much money you will need—you also might be thinking about relocation.

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Relocating to another state offers numerous advantages for retirees. Many states have a lower cost of living, lower property taxes, and better access to the services you will need as you enjoy your golden years. The data-crunching gurus at WalletHub have assembled a systemic ranking system to give you a better understanding of which states are retirement-friendly, and which aren’t. This story will focus on the 7 best states in which to retire.

WalletHub arrived at these rankings by looking at three dimensions for all 50 states and the District of Columbia: Affordability, Quality of Life, and Health Care. Each dimension was assigned a total point value: Affordability—40, Quality of Life—30, and Health Care—30. Each dimension was broken down into criteria, each eligible for a specific amount of points. Affordability was measured by 4 criteria, including Adjusted Cost of Living and Annual Cost of In-Home Services. Quality of Life was measured by 12 criteria, including Percentage of the Population Aged 65 and Older, among others. And Health Care was scored on 8 criteria, such as number of Dentists per 100,000 Residents.

Here’s how the 7 most retirement-friendly states stack up, in ascending order:

7. Texas

Total Score: 61.85

Affordability Rank: 9

Quality of Life Rank: 16

Health Care Rank: 40

6. Idaho

Total Score: 62.19

Affordability Rank: 10

Quality of Life Rank: 32

Health Care Rank: 29

5. Colorado

Total Score: 62.23

Affordability Rank: 27

Quality of Life Rank: 6

Health Care Rank: 11

4. South Carolina

Total Score: 62.50

Affordability Rank: 6

Quality of Life Rank: 26

Health Care Rank: 34

3. South Dakota

Total Score: 66.62

Affordability Rank: 14

Quality of Life Rank: 29

Health Care Rank: 1

2. Wyoming

Total Score: 67.09

Affordability Rank: 1

Quality of Life Rank: 28

Health Care Rank: 16

1. Florida

Total Score: 70.75

Affordability Rank: 2

Quality of Life Rank: 3

Health Care Rank: 15

Source: WalletHub

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