The 12 Conditions of Concern for Dental Professionals

Learn a bit about the 12 conditions of concern discussed by the Sanders Sisters in the latest episode of the Floss & Flip Flops podcast with this slideshow.

Each month the Sanders Sisters—dental hygienist and speaker Katrina M. Sanders, RDH, and podiatrist Dr Elizabeth Sanders, DPM—get together to discuss oral-systemic health and all the ways dental and medical care providers can and should be collaborating to provide the optimal care to patients.

For their December 2022 episode, the Sisters took a musical journey to discuss some of the key inflammation-related conditions of concern that are likely impacting your patients’ lives. Take a tour through the dozen conditions right here, and listen to the podcast below, or via your preferred podcast player. Be sure to subscribe the podcast so you never miss an episode of Floss & Flip Flops.

Check out the full episode right here: