The 10 Most Stressed States of 2017

Feeling a bit on edge lately? We are, to a certain degree, products of our environments. And if you’re living in these 10 states, your environment could be spiking your overall stress levels. The number-crunching gurus at WalletHub used 33 criteria to rank the most stressed-out states of 2017. Find out if your state landed among the top 10.

In a previous article, Dentist’s Money Digest® reported on 2017’s 10 Least Stressed States, according to WalletHub.

WalletHub used 33 key indicators of stress to rank individual states and the District of Columbia, with each indicator assigned a corresponding value. Each state was graded using varying types of data, including the average number of hours worked weekly, the personal bankruptcy rate, and the number of adults in the state who get adequate sleep each night.

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· A score of 56.91 makes this state the most stressed for 2017.

· Alabama also has one of the highest percentages of adults living with a fair or poor health condition and the fewest number of psychologists per capita.

2. Louisiana

· People in Louisiana have some of the lowest credit scores nationwide.

· This state also has one of the highest crime rates per capita.

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· A high percentage of people in Mississippi are living below the poverty line.

· Mississippi also has one of the highest divorce rates in the country.

4. West Virginia

· A high percentage of adults in West Virginia are living in fair or poor health.

· Unfortunately, people in this state also have some of the lowest job security in the country.

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· People in Kentucky also have lower job security compared to people in other states.

· Those living in this state are also more likely to get fewer hours of sleep every night.

6. New Mexico

· New Mexico has one of the highest rates of crime per capita.

· A large proportion of the state’s residents are also living under the poverty line.

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· Nevada’s divorce rate is higher compared to other states.

· There are fewer psychologists per capita in Nevada than in other states.

8. Georgia

· Residents of Georgia typically have lower credit scores compared to people living in other states.

· People living here are also getting fewer average hours of sleep than those living elsewhere.

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· A score of 51.93 makes Tennessee the 9th most stressed out state.

10. Arkansas

· There is a high percentage of people living here who are in fair or poor health.

· Arkansas also has a high crime rate per capita compared to other states.

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